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Doug Riggs, Pastor, Morning Star Testimony Church
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                Recorded at Morning Star Testimony Church, Syracuse, NY 

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Current Ministry
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The Lamb in the Midst of the Throne      by T. Austin-Sparks

Wednesday Assembly  (12/7/16)  Chapter 1

Sunday Assembly  (12/11/16)   Discussion   Chapter 2 

Wednesday Assembly  (12/21/16)  Chapter 3

Resource Mentioned: The Gold of the Sanctuary  by T. Austin-Sparks

Sunday Assembly Intro   (12/25/16)      Chapter 4           Discussion

Wednesday Assembly   -  Chapter 5  (12/28/16)    Discussion 

Sunday Assembly  -  Chapter 6  (1/1/17)  -  Discussion 

Sunday Assembly - Chapter 7  (1/15/17)

Baptism and Anointing In and By Christ
A Bible Study    Part 1  (1-6-17) 

We are invited to listen in to a one-on-one Bible Study 
which addresses questions about our faith and some of 
the practical concerns about teachings that may be hindering 
our spiritual growth and effectiveness.

Sunday Assembly - Part 2 (1-8-17)  -  Discussion

Resource mentioned: Christ Our All
Becoming "A Friend of God"

Wednesday Assembly  (1/18/17)

Resource Mentioned: Proximity To Christ  by T. Austin-Sparks
Jesus Christ:  The Heavenly Man - The Christian Life

Sunday Assembly  (1/29/17)  Discussion

He That Is Spiritual
Sunday Assembly     (1/22/17)    Discussion 

Resource Mentioned: He That Is Spiritual  by T. Austin-Sparks
The Sovereign Headship of the Lord Jesus  by T. Austin-Sparks

Wednesday Assembly  (2/1/17)
Two Men In History - Only Two

Sunday Assembly    (2/5/17)   Discussion

God's Sacred Secret - The Mystery of The Christ

The Distinctions Between the Inheritance For Israel and  For the Church

 The SACRED TRUST - Sunday Assembly (3-19-17) Discussion

Jesus Christ, The Man:   Sunday Assembly  (3-12-17)  Discussion

Link to Maj. Ian Thomas' Audio Messages at Sermon Index​ - Doug mentioned him in today's message ------------------>

Sunday Assembly   (3/5/17)   Discussion     

Resources Mentioned  -  Spiritual Maturity :                                      The Two Covenants:

The Formation - The Constitution - The Revelation of The Christ

Sunday Assembly   (2/26/17)   Discussion 

The Proclamation of The Mystery by the Apostle to the Gentiles

Wednesday Assembly  (2/22/17) 

Called Unto the Fellowship of His Son
Sunday Assembly  (2/19/17)  Discussion  -  Link to resource mentioned

Thursday Assembly  (2/16/17)  Discussion

Israel's Prophetic Expectation of Their Coming Messiah​

Sunday Assembly  (2/12/17)   Discussion 

A Personal Testimony 
to God's Grace    by    Lori Riggs   (3/3/17)
The Preparation and Conditions for the Coming of the Lord
Taking the End by Faith  by T. Austin-Sparks

Sunday Assembly  (3/26/17)  Discussion 
"The Lord has Numbered our Days"​

Wednesday Assembly   (3/29/17) 
"Crucified Through Weakness"​ - The Pathway to the Throne

Sunday Assembly  - PART 1 (4/2/17)   Discussion 

Wednesday Assembly - PART 2 (4/5/17)
"Being Good Stewards of our Physical Bodies"

Sunday Assembly   (4/9/17) 
Power With God  by T. Austin-Sparks

Wednesday Assembly - Chapter 5  (4/26)   Discussion

Sunday Assembly Chapter 4  (4/23)   Discussion

Wednesday Assembly  - Chapter 3  (4/19)   Discussion 

Sunday Assembly - Chapter 2   (4/16)   Discussion

Communion Service - The Lord's Table (4/16)

Wednesday Assembly - Chapter 1  (4/12/17)   Discussion 
God Holds the Key  
by Geoffrey T. Bull

Chapter 1 - Reading

by Lori (4/14/17)
An Inquiry of the Lord 
Regarding Sickness 
and Disease

Friday Assembly 
Reading from Thomas Smail: Once for All, A Confession of the Cross

Friday Assembly   (4/21/17)