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                Recorded at Morning Star Testimony Church, Syracuse, NY 

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The Incarnation: It's Meaning and Significance

The  Rule of the Heavens  by T. Austin-Sparks 

Sunday Assembly (12/31/17)
Chapters 3 - 4     Chapter 5   -  Discussion

Wednesday Assembly Chapters 1 & 2 (12/27/17) 
The Way Unto God's Fullness in Christ 

Sunday Assembly  (2-4-18)   Discussion 

Wednesday Assembly (1-31-18) 

Sunday Assembly  (1/28/18)  Discussion  

Wednesday Assembly  (1/24/18) 
The Testimony and Its Vessel 
Unto the Time of the End    by T. Austin-Sparks 

Sunday Assemby  Commentary / Chapter 4 (finish)  (1/14/18)  - Discussion 

Wednesday Assembly  Chapters 3 & 4 (partial) (1/10/18)  - Discussion 

Sunday Assembly  Chapter 2  (1/7/18)  -  Discussion 

Links to Resources Mentioned (by T. Austin-Sparks): 
The Recovery of the Lord's Testimony in Fullness

Nehemiah - A Living Message for God's People Today

Wednesday Assembly  Chapter 1   (1/3/18) 
In Everything - Give Thanks to God In Christ Jesus

Message by Paul Washer  (1/21/18)  Discussion 
The  Goings of God  by T. Austin-Sparks 

Wednesday Assembly  (2/28/18)  Discussion 

Sunday Assembly   (2/25/18)   Commentary/Discussion 

Resource Link:  The Autobiography of Paul Hattaway 

Thursday Assembly  (2/22/18)   Discussion 

Sunday Assembly  (2/18/18)   Discussion 

Resource Link: "Hedged" - Job 1   by Pastor Jack Taylor  

Tuesday Assembly (2/6/18)  Discussion 
"Hedged" - Job 1

Introduction    (3/4/18)        Message by Jack Taylor        Sequel 
The Cry of the Elect  by T. Austin-Sparks 
Wednesday Assembly    (3/7/18)
God's Inheritance of Glory in Sons  by T. Austin-Sparks 

Sunday Assembly (3/11/18)
Part 1 /Chapter 1   -  Discussion 

Thursday Assembly (3-16-18) 
Part 1 / Chapter 2 - Part 2 / Chapter 3  - Discussion 

Sunday Assembly (3/18/18) 
Part 2 / Chapter 4  -  Discussion 

Wednesday Assembly (3/21/18)
Part 2 / Chapter 5  -  Discussion

Jesus - The Man With a Name Much Greater Than Angels 
Crowned with Glory and Honor - The Divine Destiny of the Bride of Christ

Wednesday Assembly (Part 2 - 3/28/18) 

Sunday Assembly  (Part 1 - 3/25/18) Discussion 

Resource Mentioned: "Nehemiah"
Resurrection - The Power of God That Raised Christ From the Dead 

Wednesday Assembly (4/4/18) 

Sunday Assembly (4/1/18)  Discussion
Measured and Weighed - According to Christ

Sunday Assembly  (4/29/18)   Discussion 

Wednesday Assembly  4/25/18  

Sunday Assembly (4/22/18) --> Part 1  -  Discussion  -  Part 2 

Wednesday Assembly  (4/18/18) 

Sunday Assembly  (4/15/18)

Related Resources:  Righteousness - a Word Study

Eric Sauer:  In the Arena of Faith 

Wednesday Assembly   (4/11/18)   Discussion 

 ​Resource Mentioned: Marriage of the Lamb 

Sunday Assembly Part 1    (4/8/18)     Part 2        Discussion 

Resources Mentioned: "He That is Spiritual"

Eric Ludy (Link to video) "The Perilous Mission"  (Click here for Link to Downloadable file)
The Weaponization 
of the Bride and Body of Christ

Sunday Assembly (Conclusion)  (5/13/18)    Discussion 

  Sunday Assembly    (5/6/18)   Discussion  

Satan's Strategy - Stealing the Neshamah 
God's Strategy - Rescuing the Neshamah and Weaponizing It 
To Defeat His Enemies

Resources Mentioned: Coming to Zion  ------- and ------->

Coming to Zion  by T. Austin-Sparks 
Wednesday Assembly  (5/10/18)  Discussion  
Spiritual Travail  by Harry Foster

Wednesday Assembly 5/16/18