Ministry for the End Times
Doug Riggs, Pastor,  Morning Star Testimony Church
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​                                             What is The Church
The Calling, the Nature, the Conflict, and the
Destiny of the Church
... a series of seven messages by Bible teacher and pastor Doug Riggs. It is powerful and insightful, simple yet profound. We as the body of Christ need this foundational and inspirational instruction so we can better understand who and what we are.
Ministry for the End Times
Pastor Doug Riggs
Video presentations of audio messages first broadcast on
GeorgeAnn Hughes’ The ByteShow
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  • With the world on the brink of war and self-annihilation, the unrelenting unrest in the Arab world, the persecution of the Church, and terrorism becoming a way of life - what is the biblical basis for the hope of our final deliverance as Christians?

  • Is the world coming to an end? 

  • Are we living in the last days?

  • Is the Apocalypse the only thing left on the horizon of human destiny?

  • Is the church the true Israel? Is God finished with Israel? 

The Blessed Hope faces the controversy head-on and reveals the revelation of the blessed hope for the church.
       It is time to wake up! And if that means a rude awakening, so be it. It's time for us to get off the fence and decide if we are going to take the Word of God seriously. The warnings to the church of this generation are clearly proclaimed in this series of two messages. Expect to not only have your toes stepped on, but expect some deep and potentially painful spiritual surgery as the Word, the "sharp two-edged sword", cuts away at the soulish cancer that is leading the church into apostasy and the coming judgment and purging

  • "As we face the perilous times coming, if you don't have the helmet of final deliverance, then when all Hell breaks loose, how are you going to be able to stand?" 

  • "I am not one who uses the rapture teaching to put the church to sleep. To the contrary; if you understand what I'm teaching from the word of God, you'd better be on the Philadelphian side - or don't expect any final deliverance for you. You will be vomited out of the mouth of Jesus Christ. And Revelation chapter 3 verse 14 is written to born again believers: 'To those whom I love ...'"

  • "We Christians are in the way of the final evolution of mankind - we're in the way of the Satanic agenda to bring about transhumanism and singularity. We're in the way! But when the Rapture occurs, we're taken out of the way."

The Helmet of Salvation - Session #2: 
This is a thorough and compelling message which is timely and relevant as we face the coming days of persecution, purging and preparation for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ - first for the church - then for Israel and the Nations who place their faith in our beloved Redeemer and Savior. Are you wearing the Helmet of Salvation? 
For any who think the "Pre-Tribulation Rapture" belief is boring - and so "yesterday" - think again. Better termed "Pre-Day of the Lord Rapture", bible scholars and students alike will have a hard time settling for anything less once they are introduced to this clear and refreshing message on the distinct difference from the "Day of Christ" and the "Day of the Lord".

Though the church certainly will face tribulation as the Bride prepares herself for her long-awaited Bridegroom, the wrath to come upon the earth to prepare Israel and the Nations is soon to follow. The question we will face isn't will the "carnal church" go through an uncertain and confusing series of purgings during the Day of the Lord (Partial Rapture theory), but Will we make up the remnant who survives the coming "evil day"? 

The Helmet of Salvation is the hope - the joyous, confident expectation - of final deliverance for us who are ready and longing for the fulfillment of the promise: "we who are alive and remain (survive) will be caught up (rescued) ... to meet the Lord in the air"!
​         "God has a plan at the end of this age for the church, called the 'day of visitation'. It has never happened in history - and that 'day of visitation' coincides with the final phase of the church age when it's very dark - the morning star, which comes at the end of a very long night - means the church is going to pass through its greatest suffering - its greatest tribulation prior to "the Great Tribulation" which is going to come upon Israel and the Nations ... So the church must pass through a time of darkness leading up to and preparing a way for the 'man of sin' to be revealed."

  • "Once a person sees this eschatological framework, you have a solid grounding in where you are in history; you have a clear understanding of God's purpose and end-time plan for Israel and the Nations which comes after this - but God's whole purpose of bringing the church to completion - bringing the church 'to the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ' (Eph. 4:13) - Christ being fully formed in His people (Gal. 4:19) - this is the key, because Christ in His people is the revelation of His glory. The church is the chosen instrument to reveal the glory of the Messiah (2 Thess. 2:14; Col. 3:4; 2 Thess. 4:10). When He comes, 'He will come to be glorified in His saints.'"

  • "With all the confusion that is out there, and fear of believers going through the time of antichrist - I do not see that at all in the scripture - but that does not mean that the church is not going to pass through a time of great suffering - that is a part of the 'day of visitation.'"
   Session 1 (of 4 messages) is a comprehensive and enlightening treatise on the creation of the universe, angels and man. Pastor Doug Riggs carefully and thoroughly clarifies the background of sin from its inception in Lucifer and its outworking in Adam. The "star of the morning" lost his exalted place only to discover he would be replaced by man -- the corporate man, Christ Jesus the head, and the church, His body. Enraged, Satan levies a legal challenge to the Judge of all in the highest of all supreme court, but to no avail. As the accuser of the brethren, he continues to level charges against God's elect -- only to be defeated by our Advocate who defends us. Soon, his access to the heavenlies will be lost forever when the church takes its place in there in Christ. The church will be the instrument through whom God's judgments will be executed in the coming Great Tribulation.

  • "This one spiritual organism, this one new man of Ephesians 2:15, head and body, make up the replacement of Satan ... Jesus is the root and offspring of David, the bright Morning Star, Revelation 22:16, so He is Lucifer's replacement as Son of Man, and as Head of this new creation entity, the bride, the church, the temple of God ... the church is THE entity that displaces utterly and with finality Lucifer."

  • "The church is God's final answer and criterion for the ultimate justification of carrying out the sentence and judgment of Satan to the lake of fire."

  • "The church is the instrument and the divine criterion for God judging angels, because the church, and only the church, will displace Satan, principalities, and powers."

Pastor Doug Riggs, in Session #2, gives us the clear biblical proof that answers the question: 
  • "Why does the church HAVE to be in heaven during the Tribulation?" 

  • "The church must be in heaven in the Tribulation - it HAS to be there, because the church is the criterion through which God judges Antichrist. It's not about an opinion - it's not about 'are you pre-, mid-, or post tribulation?' ... It's absolutely critical to see it."

  • "Antichrist will be executed from heaven through the church as the criterion."

Pastor Doug Riggs, in Session #3, continues to systematically and thoroughly document with scriptural authority and irrefutable proof the Church MUST be in heaven prior to 
The Day of the Lord, Daniel's 70th Week (The Tribulation). 
  • It will be through the Church the judgments of The Apocalypse will be administrated. 

  • The Church is God's instrument through which He will finally destroy Antichrist and annihilate his satanic kingdom forever.​

The final session (#4) presented by Pastor Doug Riggs on this series of messages clearly and Biblically explains the church's role in dispossessing Satan from the heavenlies as we take our place to rule and reign with Christ - the final and culminating event that takes place during the period of the Day of the Lord (a.k.a. the Tribulation). This is proof positive the Rapture of the Church is a single and comprehensive event that inaugurates the Day of the Lord on Earth as the Church in its entirety stands before Christ at the Judgment Seat. 

     •  Are we longing for our redemption - or building empires and nest-eggs here on Earth? 

     • Salvation is a gift - becoming an overcomer is a conquest.

     • Is Jesus Christ, who is the Bright Morning Star, arising in our hearts - or are we too preoccupied with our self-gratification and pleasures of sin?

     • Are we along for the ride with our eternal life insurance policies - or are we in the raging battle of the ages that will ultimately result in Satan's final overthrow, destruction and destiny as we take our place to rule and reign with Christ?
The Celestial Court
The Judicial Criteria and Revelation of Why the Church will be in Heaven During the 7 Year “Day of the Lord” (Daniels 70th week)
The Day of Visitation
This is not your run-of-the-mill rock-you-to-sleep bible lesson - but a terrific revelation and explanation of what is coming and how to prepare for it. The "Day of Visitation" is like a two-edged sword: for some, a great and long awaited blessing and vindication; for others, a potentially fatal and tragic judgment resulting in eternal loss of the inheritance and blessing God intended all of us to receive.
The Helmet of Salvation
Today's church is (to an large degree) asleep. "Seeker-friendly" entertainment-based church services are putting (and keeping) God's people asleep. We are inundated with "sermonettes for christianettes", lulled to sleep by purveyors of peace, prosperity, and feel-good-cotton candy platitudes and pats on the head. We will sadly soon discover it is nothing but spiritual poverty and eternal loss to those of us who inherit eternal life, but lack the quantitative and qualitative aspect of our eternal inheritance.
The Blessed Hope
Pastor Doug Riggs presented the hope of the church in this invigorating four-part series. Be prepared for solid Bible teaching that breaches the controversy of the Rapture (the return of Christ FOR the Church) and His 2nd Advent, the return of Christ WITH His Church, His bride, for Israel and the Gentile Nations.