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Ministry for the End Times
Doug Riggs, Pastor,  Morning Star Testimony Church
It is recommended you go through these presentations 
systematically in order, beginning with "What is The Church"
Instructional Videos
Videos also available at  VIMEO
Pastor Doug Riggs
takes us on an intense, invigorating, and illuminating examination of the Dispensation of the Church, a most powerful, relevant, and essential Bible teaching.
Link to: 
The Fulness of Christ 
by T. Austin-Sparks 
This message is imperative and a compliment to this series.
The Blessed Hope
An encouraging and  invigorating four-part series 
by Doug Riggs in YouTube Video format
These video presentations are free from YouTube and to listen to and download from
 our ByteShow audio page. 

If you'd like to contact me:
John Mark at
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The Helmet 
of Salvation

A riviting and  challenging 
two-part Bible teaching series 

by Doug Riggs 
in YouTube video format

What is
The Church 
by Doug Riggs
in YouTube 
video format
Session #1Session #2
Session #3Session #4

The Day of Visitation

What's Coming 
and How to Prepare For It

by Doug Riggs

in YouTube video format
The Celestial Court: The Judicial Criteria and Revelation of 
Why the Church will be in Heaven During the 7 Year 
"Day of the Lord" (Daniel's 70th week).

The Celestial 
by Doug Riggs

in YouTube 
video format   

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Jesus Christ - The Bright Morning Star

The significance of who Jesus Christ is 
as “The Bright and Morning Star" 
defines our origin and reason 
for our being on earth as 
a local assembly!​
by Doug Riggs
Pastoral Advice on Spiritual Authority and Responsibility
Pastoral Advice on Spiritual Authority and Responsibility

A small group of spiritually hungry men contacted Pastor Doug Riggs 
with questions on how to exercise spiritual authority and take 
responsibility in prayer and headship in their churches 
and their homes. This resulted in a Skype session lasting 
about 4 hours. This series is the edited and condensed version 
 posted for the benefit of the entire Body of Christ.

"And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart." 
(Jer. 29:13)
Hebrew Roots Movement: Correcting and Teaching on this heretical resurgence
Download Videos:   Session #1    *    Session #2    *    Session #3 

         Session #4    *    Session #5    *    Session #6    *    Session #7
Download Videos: 

*  Session #1  *   Session #2   

*  Session #3  *   Session #4 
Download Videos: * Session #1  *  Session #2   

Download Video:   * Session #1    

Download Videos:   Session #1    *    Session #2 

                             *    Session #3    *    Session #4 
Download Videos:   Session #1    *    Session #2  *    Session #3    *    Session #4 
Download Video:   *  Session #1    

<---- Now Available in Print (PDF - Download)
<---- Now Available in Print (Free PDF - Download)

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YouTube … Also available HERE 
(Free Video Download)
Download Video:   *  Session    

or View Video on Rumble
First aired on GeorgeAnn Hughes' ByteShow Podcast in 2009 (approximately), Pastor Doug Riggs challenges the common belief that the rapture of the church can happen at any time. This bible study takes us throughout the Old and New Testaments to explain the conditions necessary for the return of Jesus Christ for the church prior to Daniel's 70th Week, the Day of the Lord we know as the tribulation. Doug gives us a lesson in Koine Greek on the simple word 'until' and its usage as an indefinite temporal clause in scripture. This is session 1 of 9 interviews given, edited and condensed with video assist so we are able to learn with both our ear-gates and eye-gates.
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