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Doug Riggs, Pastor, Morning Star Testimony Church, Inc.
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The Eternal Destiny of A MAN to Rule and Reign

 Sunday Assembly  1/3/21   Discussion 

Resource Mentioned: What is Man?  by T. Austin-Sparks 

America in the Balances - Are We Looking to a Man to Save it?

 Sunday Assembly Part 1      Part 2   1/10/21    Discussion 

Resources Mentioned: The Neronian Persecution  by Phillip Schaff 

Watchman Nee Books
Release of the Spirit  /  Serve in Spirit  /  Latent Power of the Soul

What is Man?  by T. Austin-Sparks
Jesus Christ is The Plumb Line

 Sunday Assembly  1/17/21   Discussion 

Judgement First: the Household of God

 Thursday Message  1/21/21 

Resources Mentioned: The Latent Power of the Soul  by Watchman Nee

Faith Unto Enlargement Through Adversity  by T. Austin-Sparks
Repentance vs. Regret
Sunday Assembly Part  1 1-24-21

Jesus Christ - The Plumbline
 Sunday Assembly Part 2   Discussion 

Recommended: FIRST LOVE MINISTRY: The Dark Pool Anointing (Link)

Steve Green: He Holds the Keys (YouTube)
Executing Church Discipline - 1 Corinthians 5

 Sunday Assembly  1/31/21

The Lord's Assembly - Resurrected and Living  by T. Austin-Sparks 

 Wednesday Assembly  2/3/21  Discussion 

Recommended Resource: God Has Spoken  by T. Austin-Sparks
The Seed War

 Sunday Assembly  2/7/21  Discussion 

Recommended Resources: God Has Spoken  by T. Austin-Sparks

Countermove - How the Nephilim Returned After the Flood by L.A. Marzulli

Countermove - Appendix 23 & 25

From the Wilderness to the Land  by T. Austin Sparks

The Lineage of Majesty - by Eric Ludy

Spiritual Authority in the Local Church 

Wednesday Assembly   2/17/21
The Celestial War Between Two Thrones and Two Kingdoms

The Characteristic Features of an Overcomer - "First Love"

Sunday Assembly   3/7/21   Discussion 

Reigning with Christ in His Throne - Not all Christians will Reign
Sunday Assembly   2/28/21   Discussion 

Wednesday Assembly   2/24/21   Discussion 

Sunday Assembly   2/21/21   Discussion 

Recommended Resources: The Divine Romance  by Gene Edwards

The GAP is Not a Theory  by Jack Langford

In Christ  by T. Austin-Sparks

Don't Waste Your Sorrows  by Paul E. Billheimer

Destined for the Throne  by Paul E. Billheimer

 Sunday Assembly  2/14/21  Discussion 
The Lord's Jealousy for Zion   by T. Austin-Sparks

Sunday Assembly  3/14/21  Discussion  

Spiritual Ascendency  by T. Austin-Sparks 
Covid Vaccine - Is it Safe??? -or- Is it a Weapon???

Wednesday Assembly Intro   Dr. Tenpenny Video   Summary   Discussion  3/10/21
Covid Vaccine - Is it Safe??? ​ - Should I Take It???
Wednesday Assembly Intro   

Dr. Tenpenny & Dr. Wakefield Video  3/17/21  Discussion 

Resources Recommended: 
The Day of Visitation (PDF)   -   The Helmet of Salvation (PDF)

A Kingdom That Cannot be Shaken (PDF)      -     Pharmakeia (PDF) 
The Pathway to Throne Union with Christ 

Sunday Assembly  3/21/21  Discussion  

David Brainerd, Missionary - Missionary Biographies  by Worldwide Missions
Seven Golden Lampstands 

Wednesday Assembly  3/24/21  Discussion  

The Establishment of the Testimony by Resurrection   by T. Austin-Sparks

Notes on The Almond Tree 

The Exceeding Greatness of His Power   by T. Austin-Sparks
The Person / The Purpose

Sunday Assembly  3/28/21  Discussion  

The Ultimate Intention  by Devern Fromke​

The Golden Candlestick (scroll to bottom of the page)
The Persecution of the Church Has Begun! 

Wednesday Assembly   3/31/21   Discussion 

Resources Mentioned: Lisa Haven: It’s Happening Just Like The Bible Said  (YouTube Link)

Dave Slade: The Christ Virus 

Michelle Malkin Warns 'The Conspiracy is Real'
The Fragrance of Christ 

Sunday Assembly  4/4/21  Discussion  

The Horizon of Divine Purpose   by T. Austin-Sparks 
God Says a Global Disaster is Coming - Jerusalem Countdown

Introduction  4/7/21  Dr. John Barnett's Message   Discussion  

Planet Lockdown  (Reset Plan - PDF file) 

Planet Lockdown (Video)  by Catherine Austin Fitts 
Prayer - An Essential Prerequisite to the Consummation of This Age

Sunday Assembly  4/11/21  Discussion  

Sheila Zilinsky Interviews Pastor Artur Pawlowski (Link to YouTube)

Sent, Went, Put   by Maj. Ian Thomas (Link to YouTube) 
The Sign and Wonder of Resurrection   by T. Austin-Sparks

Wednesday Assembly  4/14/21  Discussion  

We're in Brand-New Pandemic  - Dr. Joseph Mercola 
Jesus is Our Intecessor 

Sunday Assembly   4/18/21  Discussion 
Jesus is  Coming for a SURVIVING Remnant 

Message from Doug  4/21/21 

Resource Recommended: The Kingdom Which Cannot Be Shaken  by T. Austin-Sparks
Jesus is King Priest After the Order of Melchizadek 

Sunday Assembly   4/25/21  Discussion 
Quiet Talks on Prayer    by S.D. Gordon   - 

 Reading and Commentary          5/7/21          Link to Book

Recommended: The Heart Cry of Tears - audio message by Al Whittinghill
Healing Through Forgiveness

Sunday Assembly   5/16/21 

Recommended Resources: The Insanity of God  (link to website)

In the Shadow of the Cross  by Glenn Penner

Quiet Talks on Following the Christ  by S.D. Gordon

The Heart in Harmony with the Throne Room of God  (audio)  by Al Whittinhill
Quiet Talks on Following the Christ    by S.D. Gordon 

 Sunday Assembly    5/23/21    Discussion

Recommended: Quiet Talks on Prayer   by S.D. Gordon 

Quiet Talks About Jesus   by S.D. Gordon

Pride and Its Undoing  by T. Austin-Sparks 

Sunday - Introduction   Jamie Walden's Message 5/30/21  Discussion 


In the Arena of Faith by Eric Sauer
Challenge to the Church: Complacency -or- Warfare 

Wednesday - Introduction    Jamie Walden's Message  6/2/21  Discussion 
Challenge to the Church:  Attain Moning Star Status 

Sunday Assembly   6/6/21 

Recommended Resources: Resurrection: The Inheritance Secured -and- As He Did Aforetime

The GAP is Not a Theory - LUCIFER, Son of the Dawn  by Jack Langford 

The Gospel of God - Notes - Discussion - Dennis Holmes

The Judgment Seat of Christ - by Al Whittinghill 
The Lord is Our Refuge 

Wednesday Assembly   6/9/21   Discussion 
Jesus is Coming Back for a PREPARED People  

Sunday Assembly   6/13/21   Discussion 

Recommended Resources: The Exceeding Greatness of His Power  by T. Austin-Sparks

Conformity to the Death of Christ  by Evan Hopkins

Sunday Assembly  6/20/21 Discussion  

Recommended Resource: The Law of Liberty in the Spiritual Life   by Evan Hopkins 
(reading begins in the middle of Page 54)

In the Likeness of His Resurrection    by T. Austin-Sparks

Wednesday Assembly   6/16/21   Discussion 
The Final Shaking of All Things is Coming Soon!  

Sunday Assembly   6/27/21   Discussion 

Recommended Resources:  A Kingdom That Cannot be Shaken  by T. Austin-Sparks

The Holy Spirit and a Vessel in Relation to the Purpose of God   by T. Austin-Sparks 

Wednesday Assembly   6/30/21   Discussion 
Preparing the Church for Rapture

In Adam  vs.  In Christ

Sunday Assembly   10-3-21   Discussion  

The Prayers of the Apostle Paul to be the Prayers of the Church 

Sunday Assembly   9-26-21   Discussion 

 Paul, the Revelator of the Fulness of Christ 

Sunday Assembly   9-19-21   Discussion 

Paul, the Revelator of the Mystery and God's Eternal Purpose

Sunday Assembly   9-12-21   Discussion 

Paul's Triumph of Christian Faith

Sunday Assembly   9-5-21    Discussion

Recommended Resource: The Stewardship of the Mystery  by T. Austin-Sparks

"Therefore, my beloved brethren..." - Chapter 7  from The Morning Star  by Allan Halton

Wednesday Assembly   9-1-21   Discussion

Entering into Spiritual Ascendancy and Reality

Sunday Assembly   8-29-21   Discussion 

Resources Recommended: "To the Help of the Lord Against the Mighty"  by T. Austin-Sparks

The Morning Star  by Allan Halton

Romans Verse by Verse  by William R. Newell

Sunday Assembly   8-22-21   Discussion  

Resource Recommended:  Critically Thinking (Link to Video)

Reigning in Life Through Jesus Christ and Bearing Fruit

Sunday Assembly   8-15-21   Discussion

Recommended Resources:  Power Working Through Grace  by T. Austin-Sparks

COVID Vaccines: What If The Silenced Scientists Warning Against Them Are Right?   (Link)

The Costly Transition from Saul to the Apostle Paul

Sunday Assembly   8-8-21   Discussion

Recommended Resource: The Great Transition from One Humanity to Another 

The Preparation of a Vessel for Revelation and Consummation  

Sunday Assembly   8-1-21

Recommended Resources: 

Pastor J.D. Farag: Bible Prophecy Update "Do Not Be Afraid" 

Sheila Zilinsky: Interview with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny 

The Church is the Functional Authority for the Headship of Christ 

Sunday Assembly   7-18-21 

The Strategic Nature and Purpose of God in Prayer 

Sunday Assembly   7/11/21   Discussion

Recommended Resources : The Work of God at the End-Time  by T. Austin-Sparks

Power With God Exemplified in Daniel  (Chapter 2) by T. Austin-Sparks

The Supreme Vocation    by T. Austin-Sparks

The Time in Which We Live   by T. Austin-Sparks

Humility, the Basis for Fellowship and Consummation 

Sunday Assembly   7/4/21   Discussion 

Resources:  Fellowship  by T. Austin-Sparks

Esprit de Corps - Fellowship - by Jamie Walden (YouTube)
BAPTISM BY FIRE - Living in Hostile Territory  by  Jamie Walden (Video)

Wednesday Assembly - Intro  8/18/21     Link to Video     Discussion 

Recommended Resource: "NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING!"  - (Video)
The Meaning and Place of Prayer  by T. L.M. 

Wednesday Assembly   9/8/21   Discussion 

Recommended Resource: The Supreme Vocation   by T. Austin-Sparks
The Strength of the Church   by T. Austin-Sparks 

Wednesday Assembly   9/15/21 
When I am Weak - Daring to Do as Stanley Dale   <---Link to Message by  Eric Ludy

Wednesday Assembly   9/29/21   Discussion 
Divine Order - In Christ   (Chapters 4 & 5)   by T. Austin-Sparks 

Wednesday Assembly   10/6/21 
United With Christ in His Sufferings 

Sunday Assembly   10/17/21   Discussion

Recommended Resources: November is Coming  by L.A. Marzulli

Jeanette Archer Exposing the Satanic Queen at Windsor Castle!!!

MAN - The Dwelling Place of God 

Sunday Assembly   10/24/21   Discussion

Recommended Resources: "To Whom is the Arm of the Lord Revealed?"  by T. Austin-Sparks

God's Spiritual House   by T. Austin-Sparks
Fellow Heirs; Fellow Members; Fellow Partakers
Sunday Assembly   10/31/21 
Update 11/22/2021 - Due to a bout with Covid, we have suspended our assembly meetings temporarily. We appreciate your prayers for Doug and Lori.
As Doug is recovering, he highly recommends these important message given at the Keswick Convention: 

Evan Hopkins - The Path and the Power

Evan Hopkins - Six Messages

Andrew Murray - That God May be All in All

Andrew Murray - The Pathway to the Higher Life