Ministry for the End Times
Doug Riggs, Pastor, Morning Star Testimony Church, Inc.
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                Recorded at Morning Star Testimony Church, Inc., Syracuse, NY 

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Current Ministry
The Fullness of Time  

Wednesday Assembly  1/1/20   -   Discussion 

Joshua Collins' Website: - 

and his book:  Born Into Battle (PDF Download) 

Meeting with Guest Joshua Collins

Sunday Assembly  1/5/20 
Welcome Visitors !!!
The Christ, the Antichrist and the Church   by T. Austin-Sparks​

Chapter 3: The Church as a Functioning Body

Wednesday Assembly  -  1/15/20  -  Discussion 

Chapter 2: A Vessel for the Rights of God

Sunday Assembly   -  1/12/20  -  Discussion 

Recommended: The Stewardship of the Mystery   -   Volume 2   -   Volume 1   by T. Austin-Sparks

Fellowship  - T. Austin-Sparks -  The Cross and the Higher Ground of Fellowship 

DeVern Fromke: The Ultimate Intention  (available at

Chapter 1: The Rights of God 

Wednesday Assembly  1/8/20  -  Discussion 

The Cross, the Church, and the Conflict   by T. Austin-Sparks

Wednesday Assembly  -  Chapters 6 - 7  1/29/20  -   Discussion 

Sunday Assembly - Chapters 3 - 5  1/26/20  -  Discussion 

Wednesday Assembly  Chapter 2 -  1/22/20 

Sunday Assembly  Chapter  1 - 1/19/20 

Recommended Reading: The Three Battlegrounds   by Francis Frangipane

Website to purchase book (with Chapter 8 included): Francis Frangipane website 
Fellowship  by T. Austin-Sparks

Sunday Assembly  -  2/9/20  -  Discussion 

Resource Mentioned: God Is To Be Trusted: 
Dr. Pamela Reeve Reflects on Her Life

Tuesday Assembly  2/4/20

<------Link to Resource Mentioned

Sunday Assembly  2/2/20  -  Discussion 

Link to Doug's Notes on "together with" 
The Cross, the Church, and the Kingdom  by T. Austin-Sparks 

Chapter 9 - The Crowning

Sunday Assembly  -  2/16/20  -   Discussion

Resources Mentioned: Dying to Save a Life: Take On The World 2019

Battle for Life  by T. Austin-Sparks

Chapter 8 - The Triumphant Christ and His People

Wednesday Assembly  2/12/20  Discussion 

Addressing the Hebrew Roots Movement  by Doug Riggs

Hebrew Roots vs. The Gospel According to Paul

Sunday Assembly  -  3/15/20

Hebrew Roots - Quenching the Holy Spirit

Sunday Assembly - 3/8/20  -   Part  1  -  Part  2  -   Discussion

Hebrew Roots - What's Missing

Sunday Assembly  -  3/1/20  -   Discussion

Recommended Resources:

The Historical Account of the Revelation of the Mystery – Salem Bible Church 

Should Christians Keep the Sabbath in the New Covenant? - Chris White - YouTube

The Greatness of the Kingdom   -   Alva J. McClain

The True Meaning of "We've Been Grafted Into the Olive Tree"
 Grafted Into Israel vs. Grafted Into Christ

Wednesday Assembly  -  2/26/20  -  Discussion 

Sunday Assembly   2/23/20   Discussion 

Resources Mentioned:

 The Holy Spirit, the Church, and the Nations   by T. Austin-Sparks

Romans Verse by Verse   by William R. Newell

Catastrophic Sign of the Times Video   by Pastor Charles Lawson

The Recovery of the Morning Star  by Doug Riggs

Wednesday Assembly  2/19/20  Discussion
The CARONA Virus … Judgement …

Where Are We in History?  by Doug Riggs

Wednesday Assembly The Coming of the Lord  3/25/20

Sunday Assembly 3/22/20: Introduction to The Lord's Table

Session 1 Financial Collapse?  -  Session 2 The Full Armor of God 

Wednesday Assembly  Walking on Water  3/18/20
The Holy Spirit, the Church, and the Nations   by T. Austin-Sparks

Sunday Assembly
Introduction  3/29/20   -  Chapter 1 -  Discussion 

Chapter 2  -   Discussion