Ministry for the End Times
Doug Riggs, Pastor, Morning Star Testimony Church
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                Recorded at Morning Star Testimony Church, Syracuse, NY 

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Current Ministry
The Mystery of Our Faith - The Criteria for Unity in the Body of Christ   
 by Doug Riggs 

Wednesday Assembly  3-13-19
- Are we the 'Gentile Church'? - Grafted into the 'Olive Tree' - Is the 'Olive Tree' Israel? 
-  Are we the 'Ruth Church'? -

Resource mentioned: Romans Verse-by-Verse by William R Newell

                                                                                                        Middle East Update:
                                      Sunday Assembly  3-10-19
                         The Battle for Sonship
                 Living in the Shadows vs. Spiritual Reality 
                       Part 1  -  Part 2     This is without question one of the most 
                                                                     phenomenal  and timely interviews I have
                                                                        EVER seen!! You don’t miss this outstanding update from Israel .

Sunday Assembly  3-3-19 
The Battle for Sonship in Galatians  -  Part 1  -  Part 2 - Discussion 

Sunday Assembly  2-17-19 

Wednesday Assembly  2-13-19 

Resource Mentioned: The Release of the Spirit by Watchman Nee

Wednesday Assembly  1-23-19  Discussion 

Resource Mentioned: The Two Covenants 

Sunday Assembly  1-20-19 

Resource Mentioned: Explanation of 'This Ministry' (T. Austin-Sparks) 

Wednesday Assembly  1-16-19 

Additional Resource Mentioned: The Saving Life of Christ 

Sunday Assembly  1-13-19  Discussion 

Resource Mentioned: The Mystery of Godliness 
(especially The Law of the Spirit of Life beginning on  page 43)

Wednesday Assembly  1-9-19 

Sunday Assembly 1-6-19:  Opening    -    Message   -   Discussion  

Resources to Read: Notes on the Pentateuch by C.H. MacIntosh 

The Gold of the Sanctuary by T. Austin-Sparks

Who Were the Judaizers    -  What is the Hebrew Roots Movement? 

Bewitching Believers Through the Hebrew Roots Movement    

Wednesday Assembly  -  1-2-2019  - Discussion 

Sunday Assembly  -  12/30/18 -  Discussion 

Resources Mentioned: 

The Historical Account of the Revelation of the Mystery: The gradual unveiling of the church in the book of Acts

Paul’s Gospel   by William R. Newell
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End Time  Conditions - Being Prepared for the Lord    by Doug Riggs 

Sunday Assembly  -  1/27/19  -   Discussion 

"The Passing of the Torch"   by James Chen 

Wednesday Assembly  -  1/30/19 

Personal Repentance in Light of the Last Days    by Doug Riggs

                 Sunday Assembly - Part 1      Part 2   - 2/3/19 -  Discussion

Note: you may want to view the YouTube presentation 
of Steve Green's song to read the lyrics:

The Progress of the Lord's Testimony to its Consummation   by T. Austin-Sparks

Wednesday Assembly  -  2/6/19 -  Discussion 

Recommended Reading: The Place and the Work of the Holy Spirit 

Releasing God's Love in the Realm of Corporate Healing and Restoration  by Doug Riggs

Wednesday Assembly  -  3/6/19 -  Discussion 

Sit, Walk, Stand   by Watchman Nee​ - an excerpt read with commentary in preparation for Friday Night Prayer
Friday Assembly  -  3/15/19

Resource mentioned: "Stand, Withstand, Having Done All, Stand"  by T. Austin-Sparks
God's Formation of a Remnant in the Last Days by Doug Riggs
What Provision Has God Made to Restore a Remnant 
What Are the Characteristics of That Remnant 

Sunday Assembly  -  3/24/19  -  Discussion 

Wednesday Assembly  -  3/20/19 - Discussion