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To Him That Overcometh   by T. Austin-Sparks   (Note: Manuscript not published)

Chapter 5 - Conclusion   -   Discussion

Chapter 4   -   Discussion 

Chapter 3    -   Discussion 

Chapter 2   -   Discussion 

Chapter 1   -   Discussion 


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First aired on GeorgeAnn Hughes' ByteShow Podcast in 2009 (approximately), Pastor Doug Riggs challenges the common belief that the rapture of the church can happen at any time. This bible study takes us throughout the Old and New Testaments to explain the conditions necessary for the return of Jesus Christ for the church prior to Daniel's 70th Week, the Day of the Lord we know as the tribulation. Doug gives us a lesson in Koine Greek on the simple word 'until' and its usage as an indefinite temporal clause in scripture. This is the Playlist of 9 interviews given (as they become available), edited and condensed with video assist so we are able to learn with both our ear-gates and eye-gates.
For Such a Time As This  by T. Austin-Sparks

Assembly Message        Discussion 
Two Thrones in Conflict

Assembly Message        Discussion 
Satan's End-Time Strategy 

Part 1                      Part 2
God's Spiritual House w/Discussion 

God's Spiritual House - Continued (with short excerpt by John Piper)
This message includes: Pre-Tribulation Rapture / Disclosure Event / End-Time Deception & Apostasy / Global Persecution & Judgment upon the Church
"Be Being Filled with the Holy Spirit"    Sunday Assembly         (re-post: 3/27/22) 

​Jack Taylor: The Key to Triumphant Living (link to audio)

The Rising of Jesus Christ as the Morning Star 
in the Hearts of a Prepared Remnant   Commentary 
What Does it Mean to Be a Christian? 
"We Wish to See Jesus!"           Sunday Assembly    -   Discussion 
re-post 3/30/2022
God's Prerequisites for us to Walk in the Spirit

"Be Being Filled with the Holy Spirit"   Wednesday Assembly   (8/30)  Discussion 

Day by Day - Daily Meditations from the ministry of T. Austin-Sparks 
re-post 4/3/2022
The INIQUITY FORCE - The Strategic Nature
         of Satan's Work in the Last Days
                                  and Why Biblical Holiness Must Become
                             the Armor to Withstand the Enemy's Onslaught
                                                                                                                                                                         Link to Resource--->
                        Sunday Assembly       Discussion  
re-post 4/6/2022
Our Lord's Lesson On Perseverance

Assembly Message               Discussion 

Lyrics to song mentioned in Discussion -->
re-post 4/10/2022
The Coming Judgment on the Church
"I will vomit you out of my mouth." Revelation 3:16

Assembly Message               Discussion 

re-post 4/13/2022
The Surviving Remnant - The Church that Will be Raptured
"Because you have kept the word of My perseverance, 
I also will keep you from the hour of testing." Revelation 3:10

Assembly Message               Discussion 

re-post 4/17/2022
Judgment Begins with the Household of God  
1 Peter 4:17

Assembly Message               Discussion 

re-post 4/20/2022
The Revelation of Jesus Christ
Preparing for 'the Day of Visitation'  

Assembly Message 

re-post 4/27/2022
The Testimony and Its Vessel unto the Time of the End  
by T. Austin-Sparks

Chapter 1              Chapter 2  

Chapter 3    Discussion 

Chapter 4 - Conclusion    Discussion 
re-post 5/1/2022
re-post 5/4/2022
re-post 5/8/2022
A People Prepared for the Lord  by T. Austin-Sparks

Assembly Message                 Discussion / Comments

re-post 5/11/2022
In Adam or In Christ      Christ and Cosmic Redemption

re-post 5/15/2022
Revelation --> Transformation --> Manifestation

Morning Star Testimony Church - Its Vision and Purpose
a 4-Part Message on the origin of our assembly (not previously posted) 
… and so much more   -   Oct.-Nov. 2003

Message #1                Message #2                Message #3               Conclusion (#4) 

The Man-Child  (Revelation 12)
A Message from 1-27-2008 (not previously posted)

Where is the church during the 7-year Tribulation?

Assembly Message 

The Church as the Vessel of the Testimony 
 (T. Austin-Sparks)
A Message from 6-14-2006 (not previously posted)

Assembly Message 

The Taking of the Jebusite Stronghold 
- & - David's Mighty Men
A Message from 5-11-2003 (not previously posted)

Assembly Message 

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit 
A Message from 5-17-1998 (not previously posted)

Assembly Message Part 1          Part 2                               Part 3 

The Remnant - and - The Day of Visitation 
A Message from 6-18-2006 (not previously posted)

Assembly Message  

The Apostolic Revelation of the Sacred Secret 
A Message from 5-20-2001 (not previously posted)

Assembly Message  

posted 5/18/2022
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posted 5/29/2022
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posted 6/19/2022
posted 6/22/2022
Death and Resurrection Union with Christ 
A Message from 6-30-2002 (not previously posted)

Assembly Message  

posted 6/26/2022
From Him … Through Him … To Him 
A Message from 7-7-2002 (not previously posted)

Assembly Message

Recommended Resource: Glory to Glory  by David Dyer  
posted 6/29/2022
The Man Child (Revelation 12) / the remnant to be raptured
will be a Firstfruits Company 
A Message from 6-29-2003 (not previously posted)

Assembly Message
posted 7/3/2022
Bear One Another's Burdens 
A Message from 2-12-2005 (not previously posted)

Assembly Message       Discussion 

Recommended Resources: That He Might Fill All Things  by T. Austin-Sparks 

Walking In a Straight Path  by Harry Foster 
posted 7/6/2022
The Vindication of Joseph
A Message from 9-10-2006 (not previously posted)

Assembly Message      Discussion

Recommended Resource: Pastor  Richard Wurmbrand  Audio Message from 1982 

Link to Transcript 
posted 7/10/2022
Christ Has Conquered the Strong Man

Sunday Assembly   (12/27/15)   Discussion  
re-post 7/13/2022
World Dominion in Union 
with the Son of Man Through the Cross  

by T. Austin-Sparks

Originally presented and posted Dec. 2014 -Jan. 2015

Chapter 1                     Chapter 2 - Discussion 

Chapter 3 - Discussion                Chapter 4 - Discussion 

re-post 7/17/2022
re-post 7/20/2022
re-post 7/20/2022
re-post 7/28/2022
Weekly Assemblies 

But Ye Are Come to Mount Zion  
by T. Austin-Sparks

Chapter 1​
Reading & Discussion 
(Recorded 7-26-22)

Chapter 2
Reading & Discussion
(Recorded 8-2-22)

Chapter 3(a) 
Reading & Discussion
(Recorded 8-9-22)

Chapter 3(b)
Reading & Discussion
(Recorded 8-16-22)

Chapter 4(a)
Reading & Discussion
(Recorded 8-23-22)

Chapter 4(b)
Reading & Discussion
(Recorded 8-30-22)

Chapter 5
Reading & Discussion
(Recorded 9-14-22)

​Chapter 6
Reading & Discussion
(Recorded 9-20-22)

Link: The Cry of the Elect

Body Life
- Joints of Supply -

Not Previously Posted - 
A message by Doug Riggs 4/22/01  

Assembly Part 1        Part 2 
posted 7/31/2022
The Jebusite Stronghold
 What it Takes to Conquer It 

Not Previously Posted - A message by Doug Riggs 8/14/94  

Part 1 - Unity 

 Part 2 - The Purpose of Ministry to SRA Survivors 

posted 8/5/2022
posted 8/7/2022
The Purpose of Ministry to SRA Survivors 

Not Previously Posted - A message by Doug Riggs 9/2/1994  

Assembly Message   
posted 8/12/2022
The Cross - The Pathway to Ultimate Exaltation
Originally Presented 12/4/2016

Sunday Assembly  
posted 8/14/2022
The House of Bondage  by T. Austin-Sparks

"For Such a Time as This"   Originally Presented 11/22/2015

Assembly Message     Discussion

re-posted 8/19/2022
God's Purpose for Working With SRA Survivors of Trauma
Originally Presented 5/25/1997
1st Time Posted 8/21/2022

Assembly Message   

Transcript (PDF)
The Grain of Wheat  -  "We Would See Jesus"  
Originally Presented 2/8/2015

Assembly Message 
re-posted 8/26/22
The Church That Will be Raptured  
Originally Presented 5/26/2019

Assembly Message 
re-posted 8/28/22
The Holy Spirit  by T. Austin-Sparks   Originally Presented 2/4/2015
Chapter 1: The Holy Spirit's Purpose
Assembly Message 

Recommended: Behold the Man by Derik Prince          Originally Presented 2/11/2015

Chapter 2: The Holy Spirit's Object in Coming
Assembly Message    -    Discussion 
re-posted 9/2/22
re-posted 9/4/22
The OVERCOMER  - by Stephen Kaung  
Originally presented in July 1969 at the Atlantic States Christian Convocation (Wabanna, MD)

1- Christ the Overcomer     2- The Call to Overcome 
"A Body You Have Prepared for Me" 
Originally Presented 8/3/2014

Message  -  Part 1    Part 2 

re-posted 9/11/2022
re-posted 9/9 & 7- 2022
"Do This ... in Remembrance of Me"  
Originally Presented 3/11/2012

Assembly Message 
re-posted 9/16/2022
A Way of Growth  by T. Austin-Sparks  
Originally Presented 10/19/2014

Chapter 1 & 2    Commentary 

2-minute video: Message from the Iranian 
Underground Church to the West
​Paul, the Revelator of the Fulness of Christ 
Originally Presented 9/19/2021

Assembly Message        Discussion 
Two Thrones in Conflict 
Originally Presented 2/19/2012

Assembly Message        Discussion 
The Church at the End
Originally Presented 6/20 and 6/24, 2012

1st Thessalonians                           2nd Thessalonians
re-posted  9/28/2022
re-posted  10/2/2022
The Overcomer  
by T. Austin-Sparks

Chapter 1​
Reading & Discussion 
(Recorded 10-4-22)

Chapter 2
Reading & Discussion
(Recorded 10-11-22)

Chapter 3
Reading & Discussion
(Recorded 10-18-22)

Chapter 4
Reading & Discussion
(Recorded 10-25-22
Recommended Resource:
Pastor Andrew - Prepare to Stand

Hope for the Remnant in the Day of Visitation
Originally Presented 11/19 - 12/13, 2017

       Part 1    Discussion                Part 2    Discussion                       

      Part 3     Discussion                          Part 4 

Part 5       Discussion                       Part 6     Discussion

re-posted  10/7/2022
re-posted  10/9/2022
re-posted  10/14/2022
re-posted  10/14/2022
re-posted  10/21/2022
re-posted  10/23/2022
God's Eternal Purpose
Originally Presented 2/6/2018

Assembly Message          Commentary & Discussion

We Carry the Name
Originally Presented 12/17/2017

Louie Giglio - Video          Commentary & Discussion

Recommended: Eric Ludy - More Radical
re-posted  10/28/2022
re-posted  10/30/2022
Levitical Ministry 
by T. Austin-Sparks

Chapter 1​
Reading & Discussion 
(Recorded 11-1-22)
Jamie Walden's message
War With God

Chapter 2
Reading & Discussion
(Recorded 11-8-22)

Chapter 3
Reading & Discussion
(Recorded 11-15-22)

Chapter 4
Reading & Discussion
(Recorded 11-22-22)
The Goings of God
Originally Presented  February 2018

Chapter 2          Commentary & Discussion

Chapter 3 & 4       Commentary & Discussion

Chapter 5    Commentary & Discussion 

Chapter 6   Commentary & Discussion

re-posted  11/11/2022
re-posted  11/6/2022
re-posted  11/13/2022
re-posted  11/18/2022
From the Wilderness to the Land
Originally Presented 12/2015
Message - Chapters 1-2          Discussion            

 Message - Chapters 3-4 

Salvation Unto an Inheritance: 
Spiritual Principles from Deuteronomy 
Originally Presented October-November, 2013

  Introduction    Session - 1   Discussion                             Session - 2         Session - 3

re-posted  12/4/2022
The Gold of the Sanctuary 
by T. Austin-Sparks

Chapter 1​
Reading & Discussion 
(Recorded 12-6-22)

re-posted  12/11/2022
Our Inheritance in Christ
Originally Presented September, 2014

              Session - 1  Chapter 1                                 Session - 2  Chapters 2-3

re-posted  12/14/2022
re-posted  12/18/2022
Called into Fellowship with God 
An Exhortation, Warning, and Appeal to the Body of Christ
Originally Presented October, 2013


re-posted  12/21/2022
"The Measure of the Stature of the Fulness of Christ"
The Calling and Destiny of the Church as the Habitation of God
Originally Presented January, 2014


"Nor Smell of Fire"
God uses fire to loosen our bonds and give us freedom
Originally Presented March, 2013


re-posted  12/25/2022
re-posted  12/28/2022
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