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Ministry for the End Times
Doug Riggs, Pastor, Morning Star Testimony Church, Inc.
The Lamb in the Midst of the Throne      by T. Austin-Sparks

Wednesday Assembly  (12/7/16)  Chapter 1

Sunday Assembly  (12/11/16)   Discussion   Chapter 2 

Wednesday Assembly  (12/21/16)  Chapter 3

Resource Mentioned: The Gold of the Sanctuary  by T. Austin-Sparks

Sunday Assembly Intro   (12/25/16)      Chapter 4           Discussion

Wednesday Assembly   -  Chapter 5  (12/28/16)    Discussion 

Sunday Assembly  -  Chapter 6  (1/1/17)  -  Discussion 

Sunday Assembly - Chapter 7  (1/15/17)

Baptism and Anointing In and By Christ
A Bible Study    Part 1  (1-6-17) 

We are invited to listen in to a one-on-one Bible Study 
which addresses questions about our faith and some of 
the practical concerns about teachings that may be hindering 
our spiritual growth and effectiveness.

Sunday Assembly - Part 2 (1-8-17)  -  Discussion

Resource mentioned: Christ Our All
Becoming "A Friend of God"

Wednesday Assembly  (1/18/17)

Resource Mentioned: Proximity To Christ  by T. Austin-Sparks
Jesus Christ:  The Heavenly Man - The Christian Life

Sunday Assembly  (1/29/17)  Discussion

He That Is Spiritual
Sunday Assembly     (1/22/17)    Discussion 

Resource Mentioned: He That Is Spiritual  by T. Austin-Sparks
The Sovereign Headship of the Lord Jesus  by T. Austin-Sparks

Wednesday Assembly  (2/1/17)
Two Men In History - Only Two

Sunday Assembly    (2/5/17)   Discussion

God's Sacred Secret - The Mystery of The Christ

The Distinctions Between the Inheritance For Israel and  For the Church

8.  -  Conclusion:
 The SACRED TRUST - Sunday Assembly (3-19-17) Discussion

  7. -  Jesus Christ, The Man:   Sunday Assembly  (3-12-17)  Discussion

Link to Maj. Ian Thomas' Audio Messages at Sermon Index​ - Doug mentioned him in today's message ------------------>

6.  -  Sunday Assembly   (3/5/17)   Discussion     

Resources Mentioned  -  Spiritual Maturity :                                      The Two Covenants:

5.  -  ​The Formation - The Constitution - The Revelation of The Christ

Sunday Assembly   (2/26/17)   Discussion 

4. - The Proclamation of The Mystery 
by the Apostle to the Gentiles

Wednesday Assembly  (2/22/17) 

3. -  Called Unto the Fellowship of His Son
Sunday Assembly  (2/19/17)  Discussion  -  Link to resource mentioned

2.  -  Thursday Assembly  (2/16/17)  Discussion

1.   -  Israel's Prophetic Expectation of Their Coming Messiah​

Sunday Assembly  (2/12/17)   Discussion 

A Personal Testimony 
to God's Grace    by    Lori Riggs   (3/3/17)
The Preparation and Conditions for the Coming of the Lord
Taking the End by Faith  by T. Austin-Sparks

Sunday Assembly  (3/26/17)  Discussion 
"The Lord has Numbered our Days"​

Wednesday Assembly   (3/29/17) 
"Crucified Through Weakness"​ - The Pathway to the Throne

Sunday Assembly  - PART 1 (4/2/17)   Discussion 

Wednesday Assembly - PART 2 (4/5/17)
"Being Good Stewards of our Physical Bodies"

Sunday Assembly   (4/9/17) 
Power With God  by T. Austin-Sparks

Wednesday Assembly - Chapter 5  (4/26)   Discussion

Sunday Assembly Chapter 4  (4/23)   Discussion

Wednesday Assembly  - Chapter 3  (4/19)   Discussion 

Sunday Assembly - Chapter 2   (4/16)   Discussion

Communion Service - The Lord's Table (4/16)

Wednesday Assembly - Chapter 1  (4/12/17)   Discussion 
God Holds the Key  
by Geoffrey T. Bull

Chapter 1 - Reading

by Lori (4/14/17)
An Inquiry of the Lord 
Regarding Sickness 
and Disease

Friday Assembly 
Reading from Thomas Smail: Once for All, A Confession of the Cross

Friday Assembly   (4/21/17) 
The Cross and Higher Ground     by T Austin-Sparks 

Chapter 7  Sunday Assembly-2  (6/25/17)  Discussion 

Chapter 6 (b) Sunday Assembly  (6/25/17)  Discussion 

Chapter 6 (a)  Wednesday Assembly (6/21/17)  Discussion 

Chapter 5   Sunday Assembly  (6/18/17)   Discussion  

Chapter 4   Wednesday Assembly   (6/14/17)  Discussion 

Chapter 3   Sunday Assembly   (6/11/17)   Discussion 

Chapter 2    Wednesday Assembly  (6/7/17)   Discussion 

Chapter 1           Sunday Assembly   (6/4/17)   Discussion 
The Christ, the Antichrist and the Church  by T. Austin-Sparks

Sunday Assembly   Chapter 1  (4/30/17)   Discussion 

Thursday Assembly  Chapter 2  (5/4/17)  Clarification 

Sunday Assembly  Chapter 3  (5/7/17)  Discussion 

Additional Message: 
Taking On the Jebusite Stronghold - 
A Biblical Consideration of What it Means to be Fully Sanctified - Spirit, Soul and Body 

... a local church addressing chronic sickness in its midst

The BATTLE  For LIFE   by T. Austin-Sparks

Sunday Assembly Chapter 7 (5/28/17) - Discussion 

Resource: The Ordinances of Heaven - T. Austin-Sparks

Wednesday Assembly: --> Chapter 5   -   Chapter 6  (5/24/17) 

Sunday Assembly  Chapter 4   (5/21/17)  Clarification & Discussion 

Thursday Assembly   Chapter 3   (5/18/17)    Discussion

Sunday Assembly    Chapter 2    (5/14/17)    Discussion 

Tuesday Assembly  Chapter 1  (5/9/17)   Commentary  

An Open Meeting with Dr. Frans Cronje

Wednesday Assembly   (5/31/17) 

​Sin & Sicknesses 
Links to YouTube Videos:    Part 1    Part 2 
Power  From On High:  The Story 
of the Great Moravian Revival of 1737 --->
"The Lord's Table"    Wednesday Assembly   (6/28/17) 

Jesus' Flesh - The Way Into the Most Holy Place - 
The Very Presence of God Himself

Sunday Assembly - Conclusion  (8/6/17)  Discussion 

Wednesday Assembly (Part 3) (8/3/17)

Wednesday Assembly (Part 2)  (7/26/17) 

Resource Recommended: The Veil by T. Austin-Sparks

Sunday Assembly  (Part 1)  (7/23/17)   Discussion  

Links to Resources Mentioned: 
T. Austin-Sparks: The Veil Taken Away  

Watchman Nee: The Latent Power of the Soul  /  The Release of the Spirit 
The Building of the New Jerusalem  by T. Austin-Sparks

Sunday Assembly    Chapter 1     (7/2/17)       Commentary    &    Discussion  

Wednesday Assembly  Chapter 2  (7/5/17)  Commentary/Discussion 

Sunday Assembly  Chapter 3  (7/9/17)   Commentary: What is Spiritual?    Discussion

Resources Mentioned: Into the Heart of God  -  The Cry of the Elect   -  In Christ

Sunday Assembly  Chapter 4  (7/16/17)  Discussion 
A Message on Galatians 2:20 - PDF file
A Message: 4 STEPS to Being Filled with the Holy Spirit 
- PDF file
"Be Being Filled with the Holy Spirit"    Sunday Assembly   (7/30/17) 

The Rising of Jesus Christ as the Morning Star 
in the Hearts of a Prepared Remnant

Coming to Zion  by T. Austin-Sparks

Teaching on Prayer - Taking on the Jebusite Stronghold 

 Sunday Assembly   (9/3/17)  Discussion 
Recommended Viewing - For Such a Time as This
What Does it Mean to Be a Christian? 
"We Wish to See Jesus!"           Sunday Assembly   (8/27/17)   -  Discussion 
The Life of the Spirit  by T. Austin-Sparks

 Sunday Assembly   (9/17)  Discussion  - Chapters 1 & 2 

Wednesday Assembly  (9/21)  Discussion  - Chapters 3 & 4 

Sunday Assembly  (9/24)  - Chapter 5 (Conclusion)
God's Prerequisites for us to Walk in the Spirit

"Be Being Filled with the Holy Spirit"   Wednesday Assembly   (8/30)  Discussion 
<-- Link to this message by Frank Viola
Link to 
"If I Perish, 
I Perish" 
by Maj. Ian Thomas (Resource Mentioned)
Link to 
"The School 
of Christ" 
The Development of Revelation in the New Testament  by T. Austin-Sparks 

Wednesday Assembly 
"According to Christ  - Four Editorials by T. Austin-Sparks 

Sunday Assembly  Editorials 1 & 2  (10-1-17)  -  Discussion  

Resource Mentioned: God's Reactions to Man's Defections Part 1 -  Part 2 

Wednesday Assembly  Editorials 3 & 4  (10-4) 
Metamorphosis - Our 3-Fold Salvation 

Sunday Assembly:
"Beholding... Changed... Transformed..."
Part 1  (10/24/17)  - Discussion 1

Part 2                 Discussion 2

Wednesday Assembly  (10/18/17)  -  Discussion 

Sunday Assembly  (10/15/17)  -  Discussion 

Link to Resource Mentioned: The Significance of Christ 

Wednesday Assembly  (10/11/17)  
Phase 1: The Implantation of the Divine Seed at New Birth 

 Sunday Assembly Introduction (10/8/17)  -  Discussion 

Link to Resource: J.B. Stoney Discipline in the School of God
The Significance of Christ  by T. Austin-Sparks 

Sunday Assembly (Chapter 6) (11/12/17)  - Discussion 

Wednesday Assembly (Chapter 5) (11/8)  -  Discussion 

Sunday Assembly (11/5/17)A Focus on the Significance of Christ - 
The Destiny of the Church - The Last Days Strategy of the Enemy - and 
A Warning to The Church of the End Times (Laodicea)

Wednesday Assembly (Chapter 4) (11/1)  -  Discussion 

Sunday Assembly  (Chapter 3) (10/29)  -  Discussion 

Wednesday Assembly (Chapters 1 & 2) (10/25/17)  -  Discussion 
A Diverse Discussion - Including:
The End of the Church Age 
The Radical Polarization of the Church at the End of the Age  
The Coming Civil War in America
The Coming Holocaust on the Church 
Christians Will be Targeted For Extermination
The Holocaust Against the Body of Christ That Will Require a Rapture  

Friday Prayer Assembly  11/10/17
Eric Ludy (Links to Vimeo)

"I'm With Him"  - When I am Weak - Going After Revival  

Also available to download:

"I'm With Him"   -    When I am Weak    -    Going After Revival  
The Coming Judgement on the Church

A Word of Encouragement to Those Who Will  Be a Part of the Surviving Overcoming Remnant

Wednesday Assembly  (12/13/17)  -  Discussion 

Sunday Assembly  (12/10/17)   - Discussion 

Wednesday Assembly  (12/6/17) 

Links to recommended reading: "That They May Be One"  Volume 1  -  Volume 2 

Sunday Assembly  (12/3/17)  -  Discussion 

Sunday Assembly  (11/26/17)  -  Discussion 

Sunday Assembly  (11/19/17)  -  Discussion
The Holocaust: Where Was God?  by Art Katz - Chapter 6 Reading/Commentary
Wednesday Assembly  (11/22/17) 

Resources Mentioned: "To Whom is the Arm of the Lord Revealed"  by T. Austin-Sparks

Sermon Index (Art Katz)             Audio Messages on The Holocaust (Art Katz)
Louie Giglio - We Carry the Name               

Link to a copy you can download: We Carry the Name   

 Additional Resource:  "For the Sake of His Name"  by T. Austin-Sparks ​
The Incarnation: It's Meaning and Significance

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The  Rule of the Heavens  by T. Austin-Sparks 

Sunday Assembly (12/31/17)
Chapters 3 - 4     Chapter 5   -  Discussion

Wednesday Assembly Chapters 1 & 2 (12/27/17) 
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