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Understanding Neshamah in Counseling DID/SRA

Pretoria Seminar
One minor note: 
The reference to the Unconscious Mind in this presentation is not a part of my working paradigm and does not originate with me. This terminology has been used by some counselors of whom I am aware.
Having said this, the essential framework of generational SRA/DID has been very well presented by our friends and colleagues at Kanaan Ministries. We applaud them for the excellent work they have done!   Doug Riggs
This video presentation concludes the four day SRA/DID   
seminar held in Leipzig, Germany, August 2013, 
where three survivors, Dan, 
Constantina and Suzanna, 
my wife Lori and myself were 
invited to speak. In this last 
session Amanda Buys from 
Kanaan Ministries (South 
Africa) takes us through her 
Power-Point presentation 
summarizing what God has 
taught us at Morning Star 
through our years of working 
with SRA/DID survivors of 

We consider this presentation on Neshamah to be the most
comprehensive conceptual framework in understanding the core 
dynamics and resolution of DID. Special thanks to Amanda Buys 
and her administrative assistant, Colette, for their exceptional 
ability to capture our work in producing this Power Point. We 
would also like to give special thanks to our translator and host, 
Herbert Lang.
This is the source document used in the seminar (pdf - no audio) Note: This is a large file that will take time to download.
January 2013 Seminar
SRA/DID & Trauma Bonding 
Leipzig, Germany 
Aug. 2013 Seminar 

Link to 10-Session Collection of YouTube Videos
Restoring the Shattered Soul, Isaiah 61:1-2
DID/SRA ADVANCED TRAINING (Manual~338 pages pdf)
March 2014              
Cape Town, S. Africa        

Compiled by 
Amanda Buys,

in collaboration with
Morning Star 
Testimony Church
and Pastor Doug Riggs
Cape Town SRA/DID Advanced Training Seminar March 2014
"This video series focuses on the PRACTICAL application – the 
'HOW TO' – by looking at how to apply Doug Riggs’ foundational 
ministry  PINCIPLES, because as we know, each person is unique 
and has their own history”

Amanda Buys - Kanaan Ministries
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Also available in 8 
downloadable sessions
in Audio mp3 format 
SRA / DID Seminars & Related Resources
This is an important SRA/DID update to those who are working with survivors and those who have a history of trauma-based-mind-control. I want to express my deep appreciation for our friends Dr. Frans Conjie and his wife Lucie who laboriously edited this message (and other messages presented at this seminar in Germany) and integrated the original PowerPoint presentation with the audio version. 

This excellent audio presentation by Dr. Rumberger was originally presented in the mid-90's at a conference which was held in Gettysburg, PA. Both Lori and I attended this conference where Dr. C. Fred Dickason was also presenting along with others. We both got to know Dan through those introductory learning years in the 90's at the bi-annual I.C.B.C spiritual warfare conferences held at Sioux City, Iowa (which Dan was the MC). We greatly appreciate Dan's contribution in assisting us to better understand what we as counselors need to know in our work with SRA/DID and greatly appreciate his heart for the Lord and His people as both a brother in the Lord and a professional.
Blessings, Doug
Added 11/14/2012:
Luciferian Kingdomization of Christians (pdf) 
This is one of the most biblically contextualized and informative seminars we have ever attended on the subject of SRA/DID 
Doug Riggs
(p.s. Notes taken by my wife Lori)
Introduction to SRA/DID 

Germany 11-2014
Article written based on the programming/experience 
of a highly-programmed DID/SRA survivor: Screen Memories
Audio Files - Day 1 Session #                                              Day 2 Session #
SRA/DID Seminar with 
Amanda Buys & Doug Riggs 
July 21-22, 2018 
Cape Town, South Africa
VIDEO Files - Day 1 Session #                                              Day 2 Session #

 Perspective From a Pastor's Wife:                   
Link to YouTube PlayList
Disclaimer: Though we can endorse our combined ministry with Kanaan Ministries over the last seven years, we cannot endorse their recent departure to utilizing New Age "scientific" techniques now employed by them which we believe to be detrimental to the healing process (see Deuteronomy 18:10-11).